Safety is more than a priority for us.

Safety is more than a priority for us. It is a core value that guides every decision we make. We live this commitment by cultivating a workplace culture of genuine care and respect for one another. We extend this care as a promise of safety to our team, their families, our clients and communities. This commitment is embedded into every element of our operations and reflected in our goal of zero-incidents.

Safe at work

Our team is the heart and soul of our company, so protecting them is the most important thing we can do, especially when they are the job site. We provide the best possible training, supplies and support required for their safety.

Continually improving

We are continually improving our safety practices through innovative partnerships, training, hiring, education and certifications that keep us at the leading edge of our industry and the kind of employer our team can be proud of.

We are COR certified

The Certificate of Recognition (CORĀ®) recognizes that a company has been evaluated and found to meet rigorous provincial occupational safety standards. COR-certified companies must also demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing workplace injuries and improving workplace morale. We are pleased that Fine Drywall has achieved this recognition and certification.

A team effort

Every member of our team contributes to the success of our safety program. This includes strong and caring management, a comprehensive HSE system and a full-time, in-house safety officer. Together, they ensure that all of our sites are provided with the most up-to-date safety guidelines and documentation, job sites are following the best possible safety practices and training is up-to-date and in compliance with evolving safety regulations.

We are unwavering in our commitment to safety.

It is the best way we can take care of our people, our clients and complete our projects on time and in the safest, most responsible manner.

Ensuring well-being and safety on the job site is one of our core values in action.

Maintaining the highest standards professional safety certifications for our industry is one of the ways we take care of our people.